Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Stash

Excuse the mess and clutter that is in my scrap space. Those that know me, know that I scrap in what used to be my dining room and I share it with DH and the computer stuff. Further, DH constantly uses my table to set down anything and no matter how many times I clean it up, he always finds more things to clutter up my space with!

Here is the general space...

This is a chest with six drawers...all full of stuff. On top sits two Workshop Organizers full of paper, two clear organizers with drawers full of pens, adhesive, and miscellaneous supplies. On top of that is a large Power Sort Box full of pictures from my childhood through my 20's. And you can see all the other non-scrapbooking things DH has balanced on helmet, random gift bags of junk, envelopes! Argh!

Workspace - as you can see, it is not a very user-friendly work area. You can see some of the random things DH has placed there. Gotta love him!

Bookshelf where I store paper, Cricut cartridges, and idea books.

Here is my main paper tower. Every compartment is full. This does not include another secret paper stashing place or the plastic paper storage boxes that are currently full.

Here are the contents of the drawers...

Drawer 1: A light box, old CCS wavy tool, templates, and more photos

Drawer 2: Ribbon, various adhesives, general crafting and altering supplies, Cricut software box.

Drawer 3: Stamping and Embossing materials.

Drawer 4: Cricut Jukebox cords, Photo Mats (I think almost everyone that CM came out with), small scraps by color in empty photo mat boxes.

Drawer 5: Ribbon, various CM business stuff, photo sharing cards that I plan to use someday, as well as those old class materials for Power Pallette.

Drawer 6: Albums and various other materials.

Keep in mind that this is only the stuff that is out for use. There is more in closets and in our storage unit. So...can you see why I joined the "Use Your Stash!" Challenge?

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