Saturday, May 8, 2010

National Scrapbook Day

So this is it!  We’ve all been celebrating Nat’l Scrapbook Day over the last few weekends…some may even be doing it next weekend.  Kind of interesting that it isn’t on one specific day all around the world…instead, it’s one weekend around this time each year and each one depends on scheduling.  We, today was ours!  I had such high expectations [like usual] of getting so much done.  But, alas, it never quite works out that way.  In 8 hours, I got 5 pages completed…but I do have to say, they are all.the.way. DONE!  No bringing home pages that still need a title or journaling…DONE!

Two Page Layout – “The Pit” and nope, I was too lazy to piece them together for you to view as one this time…

Used Cricut and the Cricut markers for the title.  I even managed to use the Gypsy [without a reload feature] and make it work!  Paper was from a stack [possibly Nana’s – don’t remember].  Flower embellishment is from the CM flowers and I bummed to rhinestone brad from my neighbor [Thanks Paula] since I forgot mine at home.  Also, I used Blueprints [hands down one of my favorite go-to idea books].


“Gator Girl” – way outside my comfort zone.  I don’t typically do layouts with ONLY one photo…just not my normal style [I prefer to cram way too many pics into one layout…no blank space allowed].  But here you go!

Title – Using the Gypsy Wanderings Font and the Cricut marker. Letters were slanted and welded [I hate gluing down individual letters so I weld as much as possible!!!]. Random solid papers from stacks.  Alligator from the Animal Kingdom cartridge and pieced together.  I also used the CM Large Circle [and smaller circles from the CCS as well a the Circle Maker.


“Watch Out – Here I Come” – Breaking records…another 1 photo layout!  But I couldn’t pass on this pic and the rest of the pics from that day just were not good!  But this one captured her attitude at this age perfectly!

Title – wait for it….STICKERS!  OMG!  For those that know me, this will come as an absolute shock.  I HATE STICKERS!  But thanks to Cyn, I am really trying to use my stash.  And way back in the day [a whopping 6ish years ago] when I got way into this art called Scrapbooking, I didn’t have a purchasing filter…hence gobs of stuff [including the dreaded stickers] that needs to be used.  But on the upside, I haven’t bought anything [other than consumables] in a very long time!  Go me!  Again, the paper comes from a stack [The Green Stack].  The parenthesis was done by hand using a very old [no longer available – discontinued eons ago] CM bold marker [the paint pen type].  Like I said, using the stash!


“Bounce” – Last one of the day.  Look carefully…more stickers.  See those little dots!  Those are the new epoxy stickers from CM.  New you ask!  Yep…was the gift that we gave to everyone today!  Used them…no longer in my stash!

Title – by hand using the Orange CM marker [same set that the green one from above same from]…old!!!  All the doodling was also done with the orange marker.


So there you go…5 pages in 8 hours!