Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Some More Seuss

So, I have been obSeussed lately with all the party decorations and details.  I am still crafting…but as of this coming Saturday, all crafting will be finished [done or not]…what doesn’t get done just won’t happen!  Next week, the focus will change to the menu and making the cake and other treats!

Here’s a look at some of the other stuff I have been creating:


I must thank PurplePossom on Etsy for helping with the labels!  I had them all designed in Photoshop, but I had no way to print them!  She took my design, cleaned it up, and did the printing!  I love them!


Here is the Mister…helping to paint Trufffula Tree trunks!


A close-up of the trunks after the details were added.  We still have to add the tree tops, but that will be last…as soon as those are added, they will be too big to store easily, so that step will be waiting!


The beginning of the centerpieces.  The little one got to help with this!  She was very excited!

Pots 2

The pots after being painting in the color scheme of the party.

Pots 3

Finished centerpiece!  I made 6 total!

And finally, as LUCK would have it, Target has been carrying a lot of Seuss stuff in the dollar spot…it has been hit or miss, and I have had to visit multiple locations often, but I have collected a fair amount of cool stuff.  We have buttons, erasers, pens, tote bags, “silly bands”, stickers, cups, bowls, and boxes!


Here’s a look at my first score…the buttons!

The lovely Haydee from Haydee Caskey Photography has generously agreed to “shoot” the party!  I won’t have to worry about hosting and being the photographer for the first time ever!  The next post will be after the party, but I will be sure to share how it all turned out.

After the party, I will be back to crafting for others!!!  I have an adorable twin set to complete for a friend and bags to create for a charity event.  And finally, I have a blanket to finish for a newborn that is due any day!

Also, I am going back to work full time on August 1!  Life is about to change and I am still wrapping my head around it!  Some way or another, I will figure out how to balance it all!