Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Boy Stash

OK…so I didn’t quite get around to completing the stocking cap for my own personal prop stash…but I did complete 3 hats before calling it quite sometime between 2:00 and 3:00 am!!

I’ll have to get the stocking cap ready for the next one…but I love the ones I had on hand today!Aviator-1“The Aviator” Roar-3ROAR…Little Lion Tropical-Breeze-1Tropical Breeze

I think they are YUMMY!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby Boy Hats

I had two recent requests for newborn boy hats!  I have made a few boy hats, but I certainly tend to make more hats for girls [A. I have a girl, B. I tend to photograph more girls, & C. I don’t get as many requests for boy hats] so I didn’t have any on hand.  But I whipped up some cute ones!!  And I actually have a newborn boy shoot tomorrow myself…so it’s time to build my own baby boy stash!  Here are two of the recent hats….more coming after my shoot tomorrow.

JoJo-1aweb Jo Jo [in use]Super cute Navy Newsboy with bright green buttons!!!  And thanks to Josie for sharing the hat in action on this precious little man!!! Stocking-Cap-1Stocking-Cap-3Super long multi-colored stocking cap with primary button accents and extra large pompom!  A big thanks to Yesenia for  sharing this cute photo of the stocking cap in action! 

Tomorrow…if all goes well, I will have my own stocking cap [for my stash] and present you with two new hats: an aviator and a cuddly lion.