Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Wool Eater

I am also working on a “Wool Eater” blanket…this project will be ongoing for some time I am sure and will require A LOT of yarn.  It is slowly getting bigger…I will try to post pictures as it grows.

Wool Eater

Wool Eater 2

Wool Eater 3

Note to self: Don’t use photos taken with phone!!!  But, as you can see, it’s started but has a long way to go!

Give a Hoot!

Just a peek at something cute…a diversion…I worked on this week.  I can’t take credit for the pattern.  I snagged it on Ravelry – have you ever checked it out??  I could spend hours browsing the patterns and photos…so delicious!

Little Hoot

Cute huh!  I took it with me when I picked up my daughter from school.  She was in love…so I spent last night making her one since this one is part of a weekend auction.

Here is her owl…

Little Hoot with Fringe Ears

If you are a crocheter – here is the pattern.  Hoot! Hoot!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Something New Challenge

So…I am at it again.  I have a little more free time on my hands lately due to unforeseen circumstances.  And I have been getting my “crafty” on!  I am entering the “Something New” challenge over at the Boutique Challenge Group.  And, I will need votes to WIN!!!  I attempted two new stitch patterns…some would classify them as difficult…but I think the extra work is worth it since the stitch patterns are so beautiful!

Here is the Broomstick Lace Hat & Scarf set:

Broomstick Lace Hat & Scarf

And here is the Hairpin Lace Shawl…I am super proud of this one!!!

Hairpin Lace Shawl

What do you think???  Both pieces will go to auction and eventually be listed on my Etsy site.