Monday, April 16, 2012

Dreamsicle Sorbet

Thanks to my friends for helping to name this blanket.  This one is brand new…I just finished it this morning!  I was waiting and waiting and waiting for the delicious yarn to cross the big pond from the UK.  It finally arrived and I was able to finish this one.  It will be listed in my Etsy shop very soon!  I think it would make a beautiful photo prop, shower gift, or blanket for any baby!  It is so soft and the colors make me swoon!  The little one wants to keep this one!  Boy oh boy…if I let her keep every one of my creations I would need a storage unit! 

And speaking of her blanket…the Wool Eater…it is coming along.  I will try to take a recent photo of it soon!  It is getting so large that I may have to hang it from the balcony for a photo!

UK Dream 3

UK Dream 2

UK Dream 6

It’s dreamy…don’t you think??

Peep Treats

Another treat for school.  The little one and I made these for her class for Easter!  It was MESSY but so easy and fast!

Want to make them???  Head over to The Crafting Chicks for the recipes and some printables!

Anyway…here is how ours turned out!  I molded the nests…the little tried, but it proved to a bit more than she could handle.  So I molded and she placed the peeps and eggs!

Peep Treats 1

Peep Treats 2

They were a hit!  And quite yummy!  I am not a fan of Peeps myself, but the marshmallow-chow mein noodles combo was quite nice!