Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wool Eater Update

Just thought I’d drop a quick update on the wool eater that is certainly getting much larger [scroll down to see it in progress before now].  About 4 more rounds [I think!] and it will be complete!

Wool Eater 5

Next pics will be when it is complete…each round is taking more and more time,,,so it still might be a few weeks!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Baker I Am Not

I had tossed the idea of making cake pops for my daughter’s school around and around and around…Just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  Those things are a TON of work!  But seeing how this is her first Valentine’s Day in “real” school, I wanted to do something…especially since the crazy food rules being adopted in so many schools have not impacted us yet!  So, instead of cake pops, I made marshmallow pops!  52 marshmallow pops…one for each student in the school [and NO, that’s not just in her class!].

IMG_0138Getting the pops ready…sticking the sticks in with some white chocolate “glue”

IMG_0140Dipping one in the pink chocolate…it’s a slow process.  You have to let the excess chocolate drip off, all the while keeping things smooth.  Then you have to let them set up a bit before decorating.

IMG_0149Close-up of one of the pops…I think it’s a little RETRO!

IMG_0154View of all the completed pops!  So pretty and LOVEly!

IMG_0160And individually packed!

I sure hope she loves them!  And I sure hope she remembers all these crazy things I do for her! Smile

Baby Blanket

I love the way this turned out…made lots of modification to the pattern.  It’s quite large, much larger than a traditional baby blanket.  This one will go well into childhood!  I also was determined to get the stitch ratio right so that I could add the border using the star stitch.  I just LOVE that one!

Andrew 2

Andrew 3

Andrew 1

Now that this one is complete, I am back to working on the “wool eater.”  It’s getting quite larger now.  I will take photos soon and post an update.

Oh – And the ideas I have for my next afghan.  I need extra hours in the day for all the things I would like to do!

More Little Cuties

This amigurimi thing is a little addictive…it’s like instant gratification.  When I need a break from a larger project [say the “wool eater”], I can whip up one of these in about a day depending on the amount of body parts.

Here’s Slimey – he’s a little slow, so be patient!


And here’s Stinker – he has been quite well behaved so far and hasn’t run us out of the room with his potential stench!

Little Stinker

I am currently working on a bunny for Easter…I haven’t named her yet and she’s quite a bit larger than these two little friends [they are only about 4-5 inches tall].  I had to put her aside to finish up some of those larger projects and a cocoon for a photographer in Texas.  Photos coming soon!