Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Ornament

I have been very into handprint crafts lately...I am sure the moms in my playgroup are completely over it by now. Just this month, we have made t-shirts [with either Santas or reindeer] and today we made this adorable ornament!

Friday, November 13, 2009

More Flowers

Large Gerbera Daisy

Red Daisy

Sunflower [there are more styles coming]

Light Blue Flower

Dark Blue Flower

Large Pink Flower (this one also comes in light purple & very bright yellow]

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Silk Flower Clips

So, I have been making a lot of bows...but I also do flowers to. They are attached to a lined single prong alligator clip. They can be attached to a crocheted hat or worn directly in the hair! Here are two that I finished today...still working on more. Stay tuned!

Single flower [poppies] clips all lined up.

Red Camillia

A Name Change

My little blog that started out as a scrapbooking blog has somehow evolved. I have too many interests...too many things I like to do...go through phases...have crafting ADHD...but nonetheless, it has turned into a place I put all things creative. So, I changed the name. It seems a bit more appropriate! And, I added a search bar [look on the right hand side]! That way, you can find what you are looking for a bit more quickly. I feel some more changes coming...stay tuned!

Three More Bows

Little Bugs

Turkey #1 [Yep, I am working on another turkey design]

Reindeer [Love this one!]

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hair Bow Mania

Recently, I have been obsessed with making hair bows...partly due to the fact that I always want to figure out how people make things. So I have been trying to make bows. I have had a few orders, but nothing much to really speak of. Os now I have tons of ribbon, findings, resin, and button...and lots of bows! Now I just need to sell them. I don't think Amelia needs 4 or 5 of everything!


Ladybug A & Lady Bug B

Christmas Tree #1 [a ton of work and royal PITA!]

Christmas Tree #2

Pink & Red Flower Pots


Crocheted Flowers with Button Centers

Little Piggies

Double Layer Boutique Bow with Button Center

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Peacock Project

Here is my latest project...hence why not much scrapping has gotten done! I take on these large visions in my head...but I am pretty darned proud of this one!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vote for Amelia

Gap Casting Call!

Please vote for Amelia...the event is co-sponsored by Disney so you will have to register in order to vote...but it is VERY EASY and painless!

You can vote once per day through November 17th.

Here's the link! Thanks for the votes!

Click Here to be directed to the submission and voting page!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Ansley Hat

Love this hat! And the best part...the flower is detachable. That means you can attach any flower or bow to the hat with a simple alligator clip!

And yes...I am still scrapping...finished 4 pages last night. Maybe I will take pics and post tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween Craft

An easy to do Halloween craft...the kiddos will love it!

See how she is holding her hands out...she was telling me about how she used her hands and fingers to make the spider!

Directions: On paper or t-shirt, place handprints [without the thumb] to form a spider. Glue on eyes. For t-shirts, make sure to use an acrylic paint that will last and paint a "web" for the spider to hang from. For paper, tempera works great. You can add a web or cut the spider out and hang from a piece of yarn.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just Shoot Me Now!

Yep...12:01 am and I tuned in to HSN with MILLIONS of other scrapbookers and Cricut users for the Gypsy launch!

It took less than 30 minutes to convince me! And it will be here on October 5! Can't flippin' wait!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Gypsy Debut!

I am so excited about the Gypsy...don't know why because it certainly isn't in the budget of a stay at home mom, but a girl can dream! And dream I will do because Cutting Above is hosting a contest to win one! It's a new website full of the latest industry news! Go check it out!

I can't even imagine winning such an awesome thing! I can't even imagine how much I could do with this little gem! How many times I have been at an all day event and don't want to drag my Cricut along...I tell myself that I will cut the title and embellishments when I get home! Confession: there are many unfinished pages in my albums because I never cut the darn things...even weeks and months later!

So anyway, the debut of the Gypsy is going to take place on the HSN on September 24, 2009 at 12:01 am EST [and yes I am still awake at that I will be watching]. I will be drooling actually...a girl can dream!

Monday, September 14, 2009

First Hat Sale

I sold a hat today...totally random, but a sale nonetheless! Now to make that hat!

Also, I am supposed to scrapbook tonight, but I have no mojo right now! I might just take the yarn and enjoy the company!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Working with Yarn - Pumpkins

See why I am not scrapbooking!

I just can't seem to pour my creative energies into paper right I am playing with yarn instead!

Amelia's hat is finished...Harper's itty bitty hat is finished. And to tell you the truth, Harper's turned out much better! Here are a few pics of the hats...and remember that you can click on the photos to see them larger.

And yes Kristin...stop are getting hats. But they won't be pumpkin get over it! You'll love the ones I designed for the girlies!

Do you crochet? If so...and if you want this pattern [it's free!] here! Crochet and More shared this pattern last year. Her's looks different than mine...I made some modification to make it my own, but the pattern is the same!

Friday, September 4, 2009

A Bow Holder it isn't exactly scrapbooking...but it is creative and I thought I would post it here for all to see. What do you think...

I had had it with our bow organization system...we outgrew it a long time ago and it was just too darn hard to find the right bow at the right time.

The solution...a homemade bow holder! Here is my version...

Isn't that pretty. And all the bows (ok...most of them...because this does not include croc clips, snap clips, barrettes, or rubber bands) are so neatly organized and easy to find! to find the rest of the bows...and it looks like I might need to make another one soon! Oh My!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Finished Centerpeice

Here is what it looks like completely finished. I love them...but not sure all the work is worth the few pennies saved. Although, they are way cuter than the store bought pop-up centerpieces!

The containers are metal ice cream containers that I covered with paper. I painted the floral spikes for the characters and used hot glue to fix the sticks to the paper piecings. I used floral foam inside the container to stick the spike into. The A's and 2's are on floral wire so they bobble a little...the wire was wound around a pencil to give it the curly-q effect. Then, tissue paper was used to fill the space at the top of the containers and hide the ugly floral foam. Characters were cut with the Sesame Street Friends cartridge. The A's and 2's were cut using the Mickey Font cartridge.

This is the first one that is finished...3 more to go before the end of the day. All the pieces are cut just time to assemble. I think, even after all the procrastination, I will get them done on time.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Here's The Answer

I had a few guesses...they were not Pick-up-Sticks. But I could see that in the thanks for trying. Are you still wondering??'s the answer!

And here's a close-up of the characters...

I am working on centerpieces for Amelia's upcoming birthday party. They were floral spikes that I painted red, orange, yellow, blue, and green to match the theme. They were that ordinary floral green color...which I suppose I could have left them that way...but no, I have to create more work for myself! So I painted them.

More pics to come of the finished product tomorrow or Thursday. My goal is to have them finished by tomorrow...but Big Bird is a bitch!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What is this?

More photos to come in the next few days...any ideas what it might be? Let's see if anyone can guess.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who Likes Sketches?

Yep...that's it! Raise your hands because I know it's true.

Lita...yep from SS...just posted her first sketch on her blog! And the best part...she is going to keep on pasting more! The best part for me is that the most recent sketch is for 2 photos. I am a photo heavy scrapper. I struggle with those layouts that need to be done, but only have 1 or 2 pictures for the event. And Lita predominantly does single photo layouts! Now I will have some ideas on how to get them done!

Go check it out!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Current Project

is my DD's 2nd Year Album. Here are the layouts I have completed so far, but was too lazy to post. The last 6 are the ones completed in the last two days...I'll point those out just to make sure.

Also, since I am trying to use my stash...I am very foggy on some of the paper. I have literally had some of them for years and years. Nothing new was purchased for this album.

Title Page:
I plan to place two pictures in the middle of the from the beginning of 1 and one from the end of 1. Circles were cut using the Curvy Cutter and letters cut with Cricut. I also added Stickles.

I used a sketch from the CTMH Idea book. Letters for title were cut with Cricut.

Walking - First Steps Layout
The paper is CM (can't remember the name of it). Letter for the title were cut with Cricut. The footsteps are hers...I used the MM paint and let her walk across the paper. Then I cut out each footstep.

Eating -
Have no idea wat paper this was, but I liked the pattern. I did cut around the pattern so that only what is showing was left. Word strips were from the same paper. Boy was she a mess!

Splash Pad -
Again, paper is unknown. However, the blue paper is CM. I used Grunge Board (bottom right and bottom left). To color the Grunge Board I used Cat's Eye Chalks. I also inkedthe edges of the yellow paper.

UF vs. UM -
I can't even blame this one a sketch! This one was all me...LOL! I stamped gators onto the orange paper and then embossed it with clear embossing powder. The bottom green part is from one of the Shortcuts packs...see, I am using my stash! This is pure Orange and Blue hell! Go Gators!

Scarf Diva -
One her favorite activities at the time. The more the better! Velum "Sassy" from one of the vellum packs. Diva cut with Cricut. I also used various ribbons to embellish. And just to prove I am useing my stash...check out that paper. That's purely vintage from a "stack" that I would never even consider buying today!

Ducks - caught me in the lie. Those flowers are the new CM flowers (I had to make my order to stay active). Again, vellum from one of the vellum packs. Title cut with Cricut. All papers are CM.

Swimming Lessons -
Some of the paper is CM...not sure about the rest. Ribbon was used along the green paper. Used the Circle Maker to punch the circles..then they were cut in half. Title was cut with Cricut (I think that is Tear Drop).

St. Thomas Vacation -
I guess it warranted a DPS in her own album. Paper was from a Summer Glitter Stack by DCWV. Blue Paper is CM. Title cut with Cricut. Used Cat's Eye Chalk to ink the edges of the blue paper.

Road Trip to Orlando -
Paper and Title (stickers) is CTMH. Ribbon was used on the tags.

Tallahassee -
Patterned paper unknown. Solids are CM. Title cut with Cricut. Various ribbons used to embellish bottom circles.

Warning: The following layouts were completed this weekend. I absolutely refused to unearth the Cricut. I actually used stickers to spell out the titles...Hark! Seriously trying to use the stash! Cyn would be proud!

Hair Bow -
I don't do single photo layouts very often. This one is very simple and lots of unused space...which is very uncharacteristic of my style. CM flowers were used. Paper is Lily Kate (Wow! I remembered one). Letter for title are CM stickers. I also stamped the lines around the paper and used Glossy accents over the stamping.

Little Farm -
I bought this paper years ago just in case we ever went to a petting farm. So I finally got to use it. Title is CM stickers adhered to circle made with the CM Circle Maker.

Halloween -
No Cricut used...was absolutely determined! All the shapes along the left hand side were cut with the CM makers and the CCS. Of idea on the patterned paper. Chipboard letter used for the H in Halloween.

Bubble Bath -
Solid paper is CTMH...patterned paper is from one of those "stacks" from way back! Bubbles and duck stickers used from a random and old sticker pack. I used Cat's Eye Chalks to ink to edges of the torn paper. Vellum was from a baby girl stack...don't remember which one.

So there you have it...The beginning of her 2nd year. Only November 2008 - July 2009 to do now! Lots to do!