Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Little Pumpkin Dress

FINALLY!  I finished one…and my machine is giving so many problem…will be borrowing a machine from a friend late today!  This is adorable and it is listed in my Etsy shop…grab it before Halloween.Pumpkin-DressPumpkin-Dress-2

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Newborn Square Hat with Pom-Poms

Whipped this one up while the little princess was sick yesterday.  The sewing machine was too loud for her…even though I have dress in a large stack  to be finished…so I got the crochet needles out and this yummy yarn.  It’s alpaca, merino, and silk…SO SOFT!Newborn-Double-PomsNewborn-Double-Poms-3It’s listed in my Etsy shop if you are interested!! 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

And the WINNER is….

Using it is comment #9…Bunnyz Bows and Clippeez 2 Envy. Congrats!!!  I will be in touch through email to get your name and a shipping address.  Let’s see if we can 500 fans so we can do another give-away!  Keep referring your friends and THANK YOU for all of your support!
Hat # Winner

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Football Hat

The Boutique Challenge Group…mentioned them earlier this week…hosted a football themed challenge two weeks ago.  FYI: The challenge themes are posted, anyone interested in creating something for the theme has a specific time period to create their item/s and post pics and description/s to a private board.  Then, the photos go live on the main board for about a week of voting.  The winners of the voting round get a little free publicity through shout outs from the lovely ladies that maintain the BCG.  Then, the items go up for auction for about a week.  So each theme lasts about two-ish weeks…all the while the next them is being worked on.  Make sense…clear as mud??
Anyway, the Football Challenge was the first one I entered.  There were so many entries that the items were divided into 4 categories.  Tooting my own horn here…I WON for my category.  So I got lots of “Shout Outs” and publicity throughout the week.  The auction ended tonight and the hat took a very respectable bid [lots of back and forth bidding and outbidding] of $16.00!  Woot Woot!
Here is the hat I designed for the challenge…and my darling husband being such a good sport to model it for me!
Football hatI have since had three more orders for this hat.  Even one order to make it orange & blue for the Florida Gators.  I very gladly obliged that request!  Go Gators!

Little Halter-Tie Dress

I haven’t gotten around to making any of these for the Etsy shop yet…but just thought I’d share this adorable little model wearing the dress I sent her!  I made 3 of these…all matching for the cousins!  If I could get them all together in the same place to take a photo it would be priceless.  Alas, that will not be possible!  But I love the way it turned out and it looks darn right precious on her!

Leni 1Leni 2Cute…huh!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My First Give-Away

We reached 200 fans over at The Menagerie by Lindsay fan page on facebook…and I promised a give-away/contest! 

In celebration of FALL…my favorite season…I know, how does a girl in South Florida even know what fall is?  But it’s true, I love fall and have dreams of someday being somewhere where I can embrace it each and every year.

Anyway, in celebration of fall, I will choose one fan randomly to receive one of my pumpkin hats ABSOLUTELY FREE!Lil-Pumpkin-3This adorable little pumpkin can be made for a boy or a girl.  The hat will be custom made so that it fits perfectly!

Here is how to enter:

1. Follow this blog and leave a comment on this blog letting me know you are following.  Also let me know if you want your hat made for a boy or girl, and what age your little pumpkin is.  Please also leave your e-mail in the comment so that I can get in touch with you easier should you be the winner!

2. Fan the facebook page [link above] and leave a comment letting me know you are a fan.  If you are already a fan, let me know in your comment.

3. For an extra 2 entries, blog about this give-away and link back to my blog.

All entries must be made by Sunday, September 12 by 5pm EST.  I will close the contest at that time and announce the winner by 9pm EST on the facebook fan page.  Good luck!  And thanks to my awesome fans for making this possible!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,

All the king’s horses

and all the king’s men,

couldn’t put Humpty together again!

Humpty-BCG-2 I have joined this awesome group, Boutique Challenge Group, on facebook that does design challenges twice a month!  This week’s challenge is Mother Goose or Grimm’s Fairytales.  I created Humpty Dumpty for this challenge…and super happy about how he turned out.  He was A LOT MORE WORK than I initially anticipated…but the end result was worth it!  I was the winner of the Football Challenge in the accessories category last week.  Hoping Humpty can pull off another win!  I have one more potential entry for this challenge if I can pull it off in time….we’ll have to wait and see how the week pans out for me and whether I get enough time to do it!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Give-Away

I'm sharing this with all of you...but I'll be honest...I am hoping I win! LOL!

Check out My Life Through Pink Colored Glasses....she has the cutest school spirit outfits and I need one for the princess! It's football season and time to wear some orange & blue. Or any other colors you might want to wear! Although orange & blue is the BEST!