Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Football Hat

The Boutique Challenge Group…mentioned them earlier this week…hosted a football themed challenge two weeks ago.  FYI: The challenge themes are posted, anyone interested in creating something for the theme has a specific time period to create their item/s and post pics and description/s to a private board.  Then, the photos go live on the main board for about a week of voting.  The winners of the voting round get a little free publicity through shout outs from the lovely ladies that maintain the BCG.  Then, the items go up for auction for about a week.  So each theme lasts about two-ish weeks…all the while the next them is being worked on.  Make sense…clear as mud??
Anyway, the Football Challenge was the first one I entered.  There were so many entries that the items were divided into 4 categories.  Tooting my own horn here…I WON for my category.  So I got lots of “Shout Outs” and publicity throughout the week.  The auction ended tonight and the hat took a very respectable bid [lots of back and forth bidding and outbidding] of $16.00!  Woot Woot!
Here is the hat I designed for the challenge…and my darling husband being such a good sport to model it for me!
Football hatI have since had three more orders for this hat.  Even one order to make it orange & blue for the Florida Gators.  I very gladly obliged that request!  Go Gators!

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