Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Featured Item

on Etsy…how amazing is that!  My “So Tweet” hat is one of the 16 featured items on the main page.

Here’s the screen shot…would post the link, but it won’t work forever and the pic will last!


See the little bird…bottom row…second from the left…That’s mine!  And here’s the link to the listing:



Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Dresses

My sewing machine is on fire…might need to give it a rest after I finish this next set of dresses…

Here is the coordinating dress for my niece to go with the one I made for Amelia [that is already posted].Green Dress 3Color is way off…gotta love mobile uploads! But you can see that it coordinates with being an identical match!

And her is a close-up of the green ball edging! Love it!Green Dress 4

And finally, the Pink Butterfly halter…I am making 3 of these…and this is the tiniest one!Butterfly Dress

Two more of these and I may actually give the machine rest and try my hand at catching up on my various scrapbooks!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Birthday Party – How It All Came Together!

So over the past few months, I have been making all the decorations for the birthday party…and over the past several weeks, I have been posting some of the goodies here.

So now, here’s a peek at how it all came together!

First set shows the basic decor of the room! What a transformation! If you only knew what this dilapidated room looked like before the Under the Sea transformation took place.

IMG_4748IMG_4760 See the teeny tiny stars…those are hand made origami stars! Can you even believe that some folded all those. I ordered them from Little Gestures on Etsy! 120 of them for about $6…what a deal…and they were so cute! And perfect…

IMG_0012The pom poms hanging from the ceiling was one of my favorites! They were so easy to make and really added to the scene! We even salvaged 4 of them and hung them in the princess’s bedroom!

On to food:

lindsay 023Love these! They were so easy to make and I got the idea here…they are called Pearly Bites!

lindsay 017PB&J Starfish sandwiches for the kiddos!

lindsay 015And the classic octopus hotdog…super easy…All you need is a sharp knife and boiling water! It’s like magic!

IMG_4762Ocean Blue juice! Of course!

IMG_0013And the cake! I had the cake baked, iced and the mermaid done for me by Sugar Shack [a local bakery]. Once home, I decorated the cake with all the little fondant pieces that I got from Two Sugar Babies on Etsy and the little sugar creature I got from an online baking supply store. The tiny fondant shells, starfish and seahorses were amazing and tasty I highly recommend using her!IMG_0025A close-up of the fondant and sugar pieces! The cake really took on a life with the addition of all the decorations.

The mermaid piñata and the octopus stand-in were big hits. And the towel wraps were well received!

IMG_0036IMG_0100IMG_7853The pull strings didn’t exactly work as planned…her butt was too strong. Will have to make some modifications the next time I decide to make a piñata!

IMG_0085 IMG_0096 IMG_0123 Everyone had a great time! Now…on to think about next year! Just kidding!

My Very First Dress

I probably should have taken pictures along the way…but I just didn’t think to stop and take pictures while I was sewing.

So after making the towel wraps for the birthday party favors, a sewing demon has been created.  I felt invincible…invincible enough to make a dress for the princess!  It was a process…a learning process at times…but it is finished and I am VERY happy with it!

Green Dress Green Dress 2

Picture quality not great…taken with my Droid…but you get the idea.  And of course, today was not the day that the princess really wanted to play model for Mommy!  But we got asked by lots of people while out today where we got the dress!  Success!