Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Birthday Party – How It All Came Together!

So over the past few months, I have been making all the decorations for the birthday party…and over the past several weeks, I have been posting some of the goodies here.

So now, here’s a peek at how it all came together!

First set shows the basic decor of the room! What a transformation! If you only knew what this dilapidated room looked like before the Under the Sea transformation took place.

IMG_4748IMG_4760 See the teeny tiny stars…those are hand made origami stars! Can you even believe that some folded all those. I ordered them from Little Gestures on Etsy! 120 of them for about $6…what a deal…and they were so cute! And perfect…

IMG_0012The pom poms hanging from the ceiling was one of my favorites! They were so easy to make and really added to the scene! We even salvaged 4 of them and hung them in the princess’s bedroom!

On to food:

lindsay 023Love these! They were so easy to make and I got the idea here…they are called Pearly Bites!

lindsay 017PB&J Starfish sandwiches for the kiddos!

lindsay 015And the classic octopus hotdog…super easy…All you need is a sharp knife and boiling water! It’s like magic!

IMG_4762Ocean Blue juice! Of course!

IMG_0013And the cake! I had the cake baked, iced and the mermaid done for me by Sugar Shack [a local bakery]. Once home, I decorated the cake with all the little fondant pieces that I got from Two Sugar Babies on Etsy and the little sugar creature I got from an online baking supply store. The tiny fondant shells, starfish and seahorses were amazing and tasty I highly recommend using her!IMG_0025A close-up of the fondant and sugar pieces! The cake really took on a life with the addition of all the decorations.

The mermaid piñata and the octopus stand-in were big hits. And the towel wraps were well received!

IMG_0036IMG_0100IMG_7853The pull strings didn’t exactly work as planned…her butt was too strong. Will have to make some modifications the next time I decide to make a piñata!

IMG_0085 IMG_0096 IMG_0123 Everyone had a great time! Now…on to think about next year! Just kidding!

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    My daughter loves your mermaid pinata and wants one for her birthday. Could you please post or mail me directions?