Saturday, January 24, 2009

All Day Event

I attended an all day event today. I got a whopping 4 pages completed! Not so great...but considering that I MC'd the event and taught two classes, that's not really all that it?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

St. Thomas Vacation Album: Part 5

Feeding the Lorikeets -
This was one of the exhibits at Coral World. Amelia was extremely upset that she could not touch the birds. She just could not understand why reaching out for them could be slightly dangerous!

This layout was based on a sketch in Blueprints. The circles were cut with the Creative Memories CCS. I used sand paper to alter the edges of the mats. It took the green color off and left the white showing. I like the effect.

Coki Beach -
This beach was right next to Coral World. We expected the snorkeling to be excellent due to that fact. I think the tropical storm had an impact on that because it wasn't so good...OK...but not great! However, the beach was amazing. And since we had been stuck basically indoors for a few days, this was our first chance to be at the beach.

This layout was based on a sketch from the SS Sketch Challenge. I changed a few things due to the amount of pictures. Title still needs to be added once I get the Cricut out. The photo mats are inked. Click on the images for a larger view.

Turtle -
This was probably one of my favorite moments of the entire trip. It was my goal to swim with a sea turtle...not pay for an excursion where I might see one...but to really happen upon one while at the beach. We went to Sapphire Beach for this purpose since it is known for being a place the sea turtles like because of the turtle grass. After swimming quite a distance off shore, I finally spotted it! I swam with this turtle for at least an hour.

This layout is also a sketch from Blueprints...can you tell I love this book! I never seem to follow the sketches exactly how they are designed...I always change things a little. But I love getting my inspiration from these sketches. It seems to speed up the process for me.

Close-Up of the Paper Piecing -

I made this paper piecing quite a while ago in order to teach a paper piecing class. I have held onto it hoping I would someday have a reason for using it!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

St. Thomas Vaction Album: Part 4

Sharks - I used the Cricut to cut the title and used Sure Cuts A Lot to make the shark. The journaling was done with an old label maker.

Close-Up of Sharks Title - Shark was cut from CM paper.

Ooh! Prickly - Very basic layout. Paper is all CM.

Under the Sea - Another simple layout. I like the way the colors work with this one. In an effort to use my stash, I made an element with some stickers that I had. Those that know me know that I hate this was stretch for me.

Under the Sea Element - CM papers and random stickers.

St. Thomas Vaction Album: Part 3

Skyride to the Top - A pretty simple layout. I used the curvy cutter to achieve the circles.

Gov't Hill - This layout was inspired by a sketch I saw. I think it is from Blueprints.

The Passages - I guess you would call this color-blocking...I call it photo-blocking since it is mostly photos. But this is how I do most of my layout that have this many pictures. Paper is CM.

Coral World - I made a mesh border with my Cricut. I am still tweaking it because I don't like the sea creatures all that much. I tried using pearls and it didn't go how I wanted it to. But it is done for now until I have time to go back and fix it.

Dry as a Bone - Title cut with Cricut. I used MM Paint to go around the pictures. I used CM shape makes to make the circle cut outs.

St. Thomas Vaction Album: Part 2

Coco Joe's - Our first night in St. Thomas was spent at one of the hotel restaurants. Nothing too exciting! I used ribbon on the bottom of the page.

Monsters - This one still needs a title. These iguanas were everywhere! I think this sketch was inspired by a layout in Blueprints.

Butterflies - This was the first "real" thing that we did in St. Thomas. This layout was inspired by my friend Monika! I used grungeboard for the first time on this layout. I love it!

Close-Up of Grungeboard title:

Close-Up of Grungeboard wings:

St. Thomas Vacation Album: Part 1

My family went to St. Thomas, USVI in September 2008. I have been working on this album during the last two retreats...and it is still a work in progress. I am posting the pages that are complete and will continue to post as I finish pages. Here are the first few. Sorry about the glare from the page protectors...I forgot to take picture before they were on.

Map of St. Thomas - I used one of the maps that we were given of St. Thomas and Charlotte Amalie. I used floss and brads to highlight some of the places we visited.

Flight Over - I used a sketch for this one...sorry I can't remember what book it came from but I think it was one of the CTMH books.

Marriott Frenchman's Reef - These are views from the hotel that we stayed at. This layout is right out of my own head.

The Pueblo - this is one of the local grocery stores. We went there a few times during our stay. It was certainly very different than the stores we are used to on the mainland. The layout was inspired by a sketch in one of the CTMH books.

More to come...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Stash

Excuse the mess and clutter that is in my scrap space. Those that know me, know that I scrap in what used to be my dining room and I share it with DH and the computer stuff. Further, DH constantly uses my table to set down anything and no matter how many times I clean it up, he always finds more things to clutter up my space with!

Here is the general space...

This is a chest with six drawers...all full of stuff. On top sits two Workshop Organizers full of paper, two clear organizers with drawers full of pens, adhesive, and miscellaneous supplies. On top of that is a large Power Sort Box full of pictures from my childhood through my 20's. And you can see all the other non-scrapbooking things DH has balanced on helmet, random gift bags of junk, envelopes! Argh!

Workspace - as you can see, it is not a very user-friendly work area. You can see some of the random things DH has placed there. Gotta love him!

Bookshelf where I store paper, Cricut cartridges, and idea books.

Here is my main paper tower. Every compartment is full. This does not include another secret paper stashing place or the plastic paper storage boxes that are currently full.

Here are the contents of the drawers...

Drawer 1: A light box, old CCS wavy tool, templates, and more photos

Drawer 2: Ribbon, various adhesives, general crafting and altering supplies, Cricut software box.

Drawer 3: Stamping and Embossing materials.

Drawer 4: Cricut Jukebox cords, Photo Mats (I think almost everyone that CM came out with), small scraps by color in empty photo mat boxes.

Drawer 5: Ribbon, various CM business stuff, photo sharing cards that I plan to use someday, as well as those old class materials for Power Pallette.

Drawer 6: Albums and various other materials.

Keep in mind that this is only the stuff that is out for use. There is more in closets and in our storage unit. So...can you see why I joined the "Use Your Stash!" Challenge?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

FLSSY V or Bust!

So here I sit on a Tuesday, contemplating how much stuff needs to be done before I leave on Friday morning for FLSSY V. I am so excited, but I sure is heck won't get much done if I don't start planning and packing. And I have a gazillion more titles to design before I can even think about packing. I have made a list...a very thorough list so I am sure I won't forget anything...but for whatever reason, I just can't bring myself to get moving. It will be Thursday...I know me...Thursday will be an incredibly busy day. We have a playdate in the morning, tutoring in the afternoon and the big Gator game in the evening...and there I will be, pulling my hair out because I waited until the last minute.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Use up Your Stash

Here is the image Cyn created for this year's challenge. Thought I'd add it here to start things off right!

Use Your Stash Challenge

I have decided to start yet another blog that will highlight my scrapbooking endeavors. My friend Cyndi started a challenge called "Use Your Stash." Basically, instead of buying all the cool new products out there this year, we must try to have restraint and use what we already have. Most of us have more stuff than we could possibly use in one year. Not to mention, with the economy the way it is, it can't hurt to save some money. Since I will be completing many pages this year using the rules for this challenge, I figured I would start a separate blog for posting my layouts and other scrapbooking related things! I certainly don't need to clutter up my other blog, and this way I can simply highlight the pages, techniques, and supplies, as well as the retreats I plan to attend this year. Here's to Scrappin' It My Way!