Friday, June 18, 2010

The Mermaid – Part 1

It almost seemed like finding the liquid starch was going to be impossible…but I finally came home and called the parent company to ask them if they could tell me a specific location in my area that had it…and off we went.  It took 2 more stops, but we finally found it!

After coming back home, I started to mold the mermaid from balloons and newspaper.  Amelia helped by handing me pieces of masking tape.

Here are a few of the beginning stages of the molding process:

IMG_0119-2Amelia showing off the tail…

IMG_0127-2And holding the entire mermaid after sculpting the upper body.  A few more pieces of tape and we were almost ready to go!

Now for the Sta-Flo liquid starch…I could have used flour and water [which would have been much cheaper] but the humidity in S. Florida is way too high to get a really nice hard covering!

IMG_0129-2And one last shot after working on part of the lower body!  It will take days [and many many layers] before this mermaid will be finished and ready to make beautiful!

IMG_0131-2Will post more pics of this process as we go along!

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