Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some Recent Projects

I have been busy with lots of projects!!!  I had my first Etsy sale…a custom order that I am currently working on and trying to finish later tonight!  And I have had several other custom orders through the FB page!  Here’s a peek:

A fire truck hat for a special little 4-yr-old!  The mom was awesome and let me just figure it out!  Love it!Fire-Truck-hatFire-Truck-hat-4 Doesn’t my model just look thrilled to be photographed in yet another hat!!!!

This one is for a friend I used to work with in Tampa.  Again, lots of design freedom!Lacey-Hole-Hat-3 Lacey-Hole-Hat-FlowerBow is completely detachable and on an alligator clip.  This allows the hat to be used and coordinated with for more color choices.  Large bows and flowers can be clipped right onto it!

I needed a birthday party present for this past weekend for a little girl that has been part our life since shortly after my daughter was born.  My DD and this little girl get along fabulously and love playing together….this is what I came up with the night before the party!  Now my DD wants one too!Dominique's-Set I have also worked on a few adult designs…Cable-Hat-3Cable-HatRed-Flower Red-Flower-3Need to find a new adult model…taking pics of myself in the mirror does not result in the best images!

There is a lot more coming once I catch up!!!

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